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Vegetable & Herbs

Vegetable and herb plants available in our store are of the highest quality, with varieties that have been hand selected for their flavour, appearance, and yield.


All plants are Organic, supplied by Irish Growers and grown with love and care in our garden centre. 


Bedding plants are a great way to bring a splash of colour and texture to your outdoor space. Our selection of bedding plants includes a wide variety of colourful flowers and foliage, from hardy perennials to annuals and tropical plants.


All of our plants are grown using sustainable growing practices and are guaranteed to be healthy and of the highest quality. Whether you’re looking for a single statement plant or an entire garden of bedding plants, we have something for everyone.


Ornamental plants are a great way to add beauty and life to any space. Our selection of ornamental plants includes a variety of unique and vibrant plants that are sure to make any home or garden stand out.


From small succulents to trees, we have something for everyone.

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